On Growing Up (well, sort-of)

It’s great to finally feel the satisfaction of being officially (and internationally) downright legal. I used to think that being above 18 was already cool, but I guess being 21 is way cooler. For one, I can own a credit card under my name. : D : D That thought alone makes me feel mature and independent. But among these perks come an overwhelming sense of gratitude, and a balloon of happiness swells inside my pint-sized body. If anything, I have never been more thankful in my whole life. Ever.

So I turned 21 last Saturday. And I was to post whatever it is I am typing right now on that date. But I got excited about a new gadget I got for my birthday and I…well. I sort-of let this slide because I just needed to have games inside it (!!!) ;___; Ah well, I love my games.

But seriously, I won’t go all cliché and start with the new chapter/page/what-have-you, because for me, this “coming of age” can be compared to the beginning of life. Actual life. You know it when you start doing the stuff your parents do. The stuff that you have coined as “old” and “boring”: budgeting, scheduling, PAYING BILLS? I guess that’s part of it. It’s kind of shameful to also realize that I do not know how to open a bank account (yes, if that equates to dumb then so be it). I’m a noob when it comes to “being-a-grown-up”, and I don’t even think I have the right to say it…yet.

And still, it is exciting to know that you’re growing up; not in the physical way they teach you in Health class. Believe me, my stagnant height has spoken for itself. But moving on, what I have been feeling was more of an intrinsic growth; the type I actually felt than noticed visually.

I like the feeling of finally coming to terms with not only who I am, but also who I am not. There used to be a tug-of-war happening in my mind; forcing myself to fit into molds was never my expertise. Guess it will never be. I’m just glad to finally be myself; comfy in my own shoes. Though things have been a bit rocky lately, growth hurts sometimes, and I guess the lessons I learned have really been worth every heartache and hurt. These things might make us feel discouraged, but from my experience, I feel a stronger drive to be a better a person and a new found appreciation for life.

And I know that I only got to write this post 6 days after my ~actual~ birthday, but nevertheless, I feel so excited!!! : ) It’s been hard to keep a blog lately, but I sincerely promise to make more of an effort and chronicle my life as much as possible. This year holds a lot of surprises, and I am excited to discover each of them bit by bit. : )

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