Lazy Daze

Sometimes, I just want to curl up into my unmade bed and doze the day away. I don’t want to think about work, I don’t want to think of anything at all. Not about my shorts getting a tad tighter, or my being broke, or my wanting to be productive in my own way. Ugh, to put it bluntly, it’s another lazy day. What a way to start my second entry, right?!?! : (

And I guess, getting an unexpected 5-day break didn’t do much good. I had to work during my “sick leave”, I lost my ATM card last Saturday, I wasted the entire Sunday playing Grand Theft Auto, Monday was my “birthday leave”, in which my boyfriend and I also celebrated our 2nd anniversary (which was the only good thing, but I still had some work-related calls to make, which sucks), and today I just realized that I need to get back on the work-loop, which also, sucks. BLARGH. What a suckfest. : ( Okay, complaining doesn’t really make things better. : (

This is my subtle way of ranting since I know that nothing can really happen if I just belt out my feelings to someone. Writing about them, I guess, soothes my whiny self a bit. I just want to gloat because I know that if I bottle up all these feelings, I may inadvertently hurt someone by being arrogant and snotty. Hmph.

But at least, here are some things to look forward to this week : D

  1. Trying out my tita’s new Thai restaurant on Wednesday.
  2. Getting together with friends this Thursday
  3. Easy A on Friday night!
  5. Planning for an idea my best friend and I are cooking up. ; )

I really hope NOTHING will get in the way of these things I am absolutely looking forward to this week or else I will throw a bitch fit. Seriously!!!!

Hey, I’m not being all nega here. It’s just that I need to vent. ~fans self~ Okay, I am okay now. HAHAHA.

And because I have already vented enough, let me start on my first Kurt Vonnegut book. And though I am behind the times, it’s better late than never right? Slaughterhouse 5, please make my day.

Plus, I heard it’s a sci-fi novel. Yipeeeee~

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