Because You Can Never Go Wrong with a Horlicks Dinosaur

A couple of weeks ago, the same day as my last day at work to be exact, Mico and I ambled around the posh and pristine Greenbelt 5 to do some window-shopping. Studded with designer boutiques and high-class restaurants, meals in this mall can be sometimes too pricey for our budget, save for one located at the third floor if I’m not mistaken. The name? Toast Box! The cuisine? Singaporean! What caught my eye? The Horlicks Dinosaur on their menu. So what the heck is a Horlicks Dinosaur?  It was the key that led us to this very satisfying gastronomic treasure of an experience!!!

Toast Box actually belongs to the Bread Talk group of companies. Having originated in Singapore, their specialty focuses more on Kaya Toast Creations than the local Singaporean dishes. Mico was craving for some Laksa, while I was debating over a Hainanese Chicken Meal or a bowl Singaporean Fishball Soup. I ordered the latter and it was really tasty. I’ll elaborate on this dish later in the entry, but I’m definitely coming back to give their Hainanese Chicken a try! And the Kaya Toast, too!

I am no expert on Laksa. I even fear the dish because I know that it’s supposed to be unbearably spicy. And I do not like spicy food. I think the only Laksa that didn’t make my tongue catch fire was the cheap type in Pao Tsin. I know that it’s far from the authentic-tasting Laksa, but it’s still yummy!

Mico took the first sip and told me that it wasn’t extremely spicy as the authentic Laksas in Singapore are. Rather, it sent a heated sensation in his mouth; not spicy, but just really hot. I decided to give it a try and it was really delicious! I could really feel my throat catching heat, but not really the spice I feared. It was very good soup. The coconut-curry flavor really stood out. It was also loaded with tofu, fish cake, egg, and prawns. The noodles used were similar to palabok noodles though.

The Singapore Fishball Soup was yummy too, but I wished I ordered the Laksa instead. The broth was flavored with fried onion bits and green onion; it was very aromatic and light. The fishballs were BIG and meaty. They were delicious and you could really taste the fish in them! I knew it was something my grandparents would love, so I brought some home for them to try. My grandma loved the soup, while my grandpa delightfully feasted on the fishballs. They really enjoyed it!

And now, for the star of the show: THE HORLICKS DINOSAUR! I think this is why I didn’t eat much food because I only paid attention to this baby. I actually finished it first before I started on my fishball soup! I truly love Horlicks; it reminds me so much of my childhood! Horlicks is a malted milk drink brand, and as a kid, I usually drank it warm and before going to bed. I wish they would bring it back to supermarkets here in the Philippines. Pleasepleasepleaseplease. If you are an importer of the magical malt mix, please be convinced that YOU HAVE A MARKET FOR THE PRODUCT!

Mico’s Barley Drink and my HORLICKS DINOSAUR (!!!)

OMG CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT WHEN I SAW IT ON THE TOAST BOX MENU! AND IN DINOSAUR FORM! Dinosaur drinks are powdered drinks with an extra giant heap of the dry powder on top. A more common Dinosaur drink is the Milo Dinosaur. I used to make Powdered Milk Dinosaurs at home before, but I always got scolded because I would always leave a mess in the kitchen and have ants feast on the mess. Hehehehehe. BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE A HORLICKS DINOSAUR?!?!?!  I KNOW RIGHT. I hope it suffices that I used all-caps to emphasize the gravity of the situation!!!

I would’ve pulled a Meg Ryan Food-orgasm scene if there weren’t so many people around. But seriously, this drink was pure nostalgia + bliss + heaven + so many beautiful things. It was like my version of a Jeffery in Get Him to the Greek. And I am not exaggerating.

Okay, reminiscing on this very yummy experience has given me the urge to go to Toast Box right now and grab another Horlicks Dinosaur! It’s THAT good. Oh, and everything we ordered in Toast Box was really delicious. So if you’re craving for some Singapore food, I highly recommend you get your fix right here in Toast Box.

Horlicks Dinosaur, here I come~!!!

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