Frosting Fun!

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! And I have an excuse to be cheesy to a special someone. I really hope that he doesn’t see this entry before we meet! *Crosses Fingers* I just got excited to post this already! HEEHEE. : D

I was really hoping to give my boyfriend Mico something special for Valentine’s Day. I thought of all the possibilities I could whip out in the span of 2 weeks, but one idea just built on another until I realized that they would be more appropriate for his birthday, or our anniversary, or even Christmas! So, I got a bit panicky. I thought of baking him a Red Velvet Cake, but I already did that last year. Cookies were out of the question since he is the No.1 consumer of WeeWantCookies. I was almost out of ideas but then…EUREKA!

We were texting last Sunday, and I told him that I was having dinner at Aristocrat. He replied, saying that he wanted a Torta de los Reyes (Chocolate Sansrival, his favorite cake). There was my light bulb moment! : ) : )

I guess wanting things to have a sentimental value truly is second nature to us girls. ; ) I wanted to add a personal touch to it, so I thought of how to add a hint of Mikka Wee to this chocolate bomb of a cake. Then I remembered one of the latest flavor fads right now: Chocolate + Cheese! Ah, I’m sure to make his Valentine’s Day definitely sweet and cheesy. ; )

So earlier today, I made the cream cheese frosting I use for my Red Velvet Cake: Cream Cheese + Butter + Sugar + Vanilla. And since it’s Valentine’s Day, I added some Red Food Coloring to give it that festive red flair. : ) One thing I absolutely cannot control when making this frosting is my constant trips to the fridge, and popping a small spoonful into my mouth. Arvy spotted the frosting during one of my trips; I stopped him just before he was about to dig in, and I told him that he had dibs on the leftovers. I also asked if he wanted to help me assemble the cake. He said “Nahhh” and just watched, sneakily trying to get some frosting into his belly. What a naughty kid! : )

Caught you, kiddo!

The idea: frost the Torta de los Reyes with the Red Cream Cheese Mixture and garnish it with various candies! Talk about super sweet! Mico doesn’t have a sweet tooth, but I couldn’t help it! There was just so much color to work with, and I got excited! I studded the cake with bonbons that have a special resemblance to us.

Candy Medley! Sour Valentine’s Hearts, Strawberry Puffs (because WE LOVE STRAWBERRIES!), and Gummy Bears!

Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, just because I needed a dark-colored candy. Hehe. I know they look like some poo-of-sorts.

M&M’s! For Mico and Mikka, of course! : )

AND VOILA! Presenting the Extremely Sweet and Incredibly Cheesy Valentine’s Treat! (Lol, obviously, that book is still embedded in my brain.) But this is a literal description of the cake since I used heaps of cream cheese frosting. It was a bit challenging since our tropical weather caused the frosting to soften, but nevertheless, I am a proud frosting-person / froster (?)

So the espresso beans are supposed to form a heart, but the summer heat caused the frosting to collapse. Oh well!

M&M’s ; )

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!!! : )


Oh, and I kept my promise to Arvy. He is, after all, my Baby Valentine. : )

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