Okay, I’m Updating!!!

Blargh! So much about keeping this blog happy and updated! Haha! I’ll be posting more stuff soon about what happened prior this entry. ; )

But for now, I’d like to talk about a really fun weekend I had with my really lovely friends and some really fantastic food! I think I gained a few pounds cause my pants feel a bit tighter, but nevertheless, healthy is happy. ; )

And I even got to eat a REAL chocolate frog just like in Harry Potter!!! : )


Mico and I had a picnic at a very bald Salecedo Park last Friday. I also remember seeing that red tubular worm tangled on the tree in Ateneo before. I wonder how it made its way here! Anyways, Mico hates this picture but I’m posting it anyways because I love how the worm’s redness match the red of his shades. : p

YUMMY FOOD!!! I’m proud to say that I cooked all these meals! : ) Arugula with Parmesan Cheese and Lemon-Olive-Oil (Loo!) Vinaigrette, Heart-Shaped Pasta with Vigan Longganisa and Tomatoes, and Steak-Wrapped Enoki.

I love picnics. I’d have one everyday if I could. It’s so relaxing go outdoors, lie down on your picnic mat, and soak in the greenery surrounding you. ❤

After our picnic, we watched Tangled at Coffee Bean. Finally, I got to watch this film! Mandy Moore really did an amazing job in her role as Rapunzel. And oh, I finally get why everyone’s been gushing about lanterns since this movie came out. : p

I can’t believe this is the last Disney Princess movie! : (

I also coerced Mico to watch Kimy Dora again with me. HEHE. But unfortunately, I got hungry again, so we went out to try Chocolate Fire because I was craving for crab cakes, but Apartment 1B was full…

I’m planning to write a review on Chocolate Fire soon, since we’ve been there twice already this week! Haha! Obviously, the food there is very delicious! Last Friday, we had the Chocolate Ganache Cake, Apple Crumble Pie, Chocolate-Covered Bacon, and these lovely chocolate goodies pictured above! That’s a Chocolate-Covered Cheddar Cheese Stick, MY ULTIMATE KRYPTONITE: A HUGE CHOCOLATE-COVERED STRAWBERRY <3-, and a chocolate frog! : D Isn’t it cute??? I’d really drool whenever I would read about Neville or Ron devouring chocolate frogs, and because of Chocolate Fire, I finally got to experience the heavenly bliss of eating one as well. : )

And because I am a pig sometimes, we went to Apartment 1B after to get me some crab cakes. They have the best crab cakes in town, I SWEAR! I love Apartment 1B and how it truly is a haven for comfort food.~



Sandy celebrated her birthday last March 24, so we had brunch last Saturday. NOT TO MENTION, it was also a year since we graduated from  the Ateneo! How fast time flies! : o

Sandy x French Fry

Feasting on Mom’s Milk and Cookies

Sandy and I have grown so much throughout the years! I am also very tempted to post some freshman years photos of us in our random adventures and escapades just to prove that transition hehehe! But seriously, despite the ups and downs, Sandy is one of the people I am most comfortable with. I can tell her literally anything! And, of course, we can chat the whole day. Like last Saturday, we did nothing but eat and talk and take photos for almost 5 hours! : )

I also am glad to say that I finally joined a DGroup. : ) A DGroup, from my understanding, is a discipleship group wherein the “disciples” learn from the “discipler” about God’s Word. And guess who my DGroup leader is!!! Okay, I’ll tell you, it’s ISA. : ) The topic we discussed last week was about honor, and it hit me right in the spot because honor is so much deeper than respect and uplifting–it’s about love, and how you fulfill your duties to your superiors. : ) I know that I may get really lazy sometimes and choose to do other things, rather than my priorities. I was really convicted by this first meeting! I’ll surely be looking forward to this every week from now on. : ) Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture, but hopefully, I will soon! ; )

I was also supposed to catch a movie with Grumpy Pig-Or-Bear, aka, the lovable and carefree Sarah. Sadly, we weren’t able to fit a good screening time in our schedule so we just had dinner at Yaku. Omnomnom, Japanese goodness! We were able to unwind and bond so so much! It was so refreshing to catch up with a longtime friend. : )


Kata and I met up for lunch to watch Sucker Punch! I do not feel like writing a review about this movie, because there was too much to contemplate! I know a lot of people hated it (Sucker Punch Sucks!!!), but honestly, we thought it was brilliant. Hey, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion right? ; ) Despite popular opinion, I thought that it was a really good movie. And the soundtrack is mighty fine! You must check it out!

Me and Kata being our usual crazy selves with Hop’s Fred O’ Hare

Kata celebrated her birthday last March 13 and this we had her birthday celebration at Greenbelt, so this was kinda like her post-birthday blowout thing. And of course, before we watched a movie, we both did our dating ritual, which is to shop for make up! We both love Korean make up because they suit our Oriental skin quite well! Our favorite as of the moment is Etude House, where we hoarded lots and lots and lots of make upppp.

I am loving their Miss Tangerine make up line! The cheek tint is absolutely beautiful!!!

I am extremely looking forward to the coming weekend! Isa and I are baking up some mouthwatering goodies! Stay tuned for that. ; )

By the way, it’s the start of APRIL!!! I love how March was a month of learning experiences! It’s also quite surprising how time flies so fast! Or am I just getting old? : | Nevertheless, here’s to an awesome April. ; ) Have fun, everyone! : )

2 thoughts on “Okay, I’m Updating!!!

  1. Hey betch, eep I’m here! 🙂
    Sorry for the non-replier mode, been kind of zoning out lately. I’m sure you get already why. Hope all’s well, I miss you. I’ll get around soon! *hug

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