Past Two Weeks + The END Of Funemployment + Feel Good Stuff

So, I missed out on blogging for the past two weeks. Here’s why:

1. WeeWantCookies!

I felt a bit blue during the past week, and baking is some form of happy-therapy for me. My friends have also been encouraging me to bake and sell goodies for the longest time, and after giving it some thought, I finally got around to turning this hobby into a business!


It doesn’t have anything yet aside from the WordPress welcome note, but I’m currently putting everything together! It was really fun designing my own brand’s look and image because it meant playing around, getting excited, and best of all, CREATIVE FREEDOM! Aaaaaah! : )

I also baked batches of Rainbow Cupcakes, Super S’mores cookies, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Attack cookies, and Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies for Mico’s officemates and some of my friends. : )

I will be posting updates about this soon, but for the meantime, you can checkout for the site’s WIP! : )

2. The Knotty Sisters

One of my best friends and I have been planning to sell our pre-loved stuff. Yes, that’s pre-loved and not pre-owned. ; ) Took some time to shoot over 50 of my clothes that I plan to sell! It was quite tiring, but seeing the clothes that once drove me crazy was quite funny. I can’t believe I used to own so many t-shirts! My taste in fashion (I don’t even think I have the right to say that, haha!) has transitioned from tomboy to a more floral and girly style. Yesss naman! Also, I think it’s because having a boyfriend makes me feel more feminine! HEHEHE.

It’s still undergoing construction, but hopefully, we get the ball rolling by end-July.


God has been blessing me with opportunities to travel around the Philippines and around Asia this year! It was my prayer this 2011 that I get to explore more of this beautiful planet. Life gets me really down sometimes that I fail to recognize this wonderful world surrounding me! God has indeed been telling me that there is more to life than just a bad day. ; )

So far, I have traveled to Ilocos Norte last March. But for the latter half of this year, I will be going to Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin Island, Malaysia, and Singapore! I haven’t traveled abroad for almost 3 years, and the farthest I’ve been in the Philippines prior to Ilocos was Baguio! I get a rush of adrenaline just thinking about this! : )

4. Books!

I’ve been reading It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini, and it’s been very enlightening (I will write a book review once I am done!). The Lonely-slash-Sad Bug bit me last week, and this novel brought me a lot of comfort and security. I felt like I was living a directionless and stagnant life, but seeing how brave the main character was made me think otherwise.

I can be very vulnerable and easily affected by things that have made a negative impression on me, especially those concerning The Past. I also used to think that I could handle things on my own because being an only child, I was used to that setup. But then, God has been teaching me lately how to be dependent, as compared to my “feeling independent” all the time. We weren’t meant to live life alone, and God has proven that through the constant love and support I get from my friends and family. ❤

Apparently, they made a movie out of it last year with Emma Roberts and Zach Galifianakis! HEHE HANGOVER 2.

5. Goodbye, Funemployment!

I should stop calling it “funemployment” because our perspective of work should be exciting, and not the lack thereof.

As you know, I have been unemployed since February 2011. You can read about it here. I have been doing some job hunting—focusing now on something that I genuinely wanted. This time, I was very picky. I was offered positions in two retail companies that paid really well, but I turned them down because my interests didn’t lie there. 2010 taught me so much about where my heart was in terms of my passions. In fact, I realized that I have a number of them, but in the end of the day it’s all about various forms of art.

Last week, I signed in with a digital ad agency where I will be playing the role of Creative Strategist and Copywriter. It’s very exciting because I get to conceptualize and direct a certain brand’s campaign, aesthetically and material-wise. I also get to write! It’s a marriage of two passions, and I am thrilled and grateful for the opportunity. : )

I am also experiencing a breakthrough this year in terms of my spiritual life. Rekindling my relationship with God is one of my priorities this year. I strayed from Him, and I wasn’t happy with my life because of the selfish decisions I made. But thankfully, God has been giving me more opportunities to know Him again. It feels like getting another shot at life, and learning how to live it better this time. God has been moving me and shaking me, and I simply cannot contain it! This year has been filled with so much grace and healing that it’s incredibly life-transforming.

– – – – –

Well, that’s it for now! I promise that I will really make an effort to update this blog constantly! Haha! Looking forward to what lies ahead! : )

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