Kuala Lumpur: I Miss You, Malaysia!

It’s been almost two months since I came back from my Kuala Lumpur trip. I guess my thoughts about it are still strongly punctuated with nostalgia because it was my first time to travel with friends…and to therefore travel without any “adult supervision”. Hee. Other than this, it has always been Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong with family. Not that I am complaining; Hong Kong is my second home, but this just seems like a fun adventure.

My ticket to KL was more of an impulse purchase than a well thought-of plan. I was even surprised that my parents allowed me to go! But in any case, I was thrilled to have hopped aboard a group of nine curious travelers, off to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

I think it would be safe to say that we had no idea of where we were heading, but all nine of us carried that unspoken thought of bracing ourselves with the unexpected. We were pretty much jaded from the stagnancy of All Work and No Play, amongst other things. A break was all we needed, and that we found in each other’s company and in a foreign land.

We didn’t have a tour guide, and we just randomly mapped out the places we wanted to visit. The only thing that was set in stone was that we wanted to visit the Genting Highlands on a weekday.

Weather forecasts predicted heavy rains, but fortunately enough, the worst we experienced was a mild drizzle. The skies were kind of gloomy though, but nevertheless, we had a great time. Genting Highlands is a must-visit if you’re seeking heart-stopping rides that can give you quite a thrill and a rush of adrenaline.

Plus, it makes you feel like a 10-year-old again.

My personal favorites were the Space Shot and the Flying Coaster. The Space Shot was crazy! It’s one of those ascending-then-free-fall rides that makes you feel like you left your heart and gut way up in the sky, leaving your knees all wobbly and your heart racing. The Flying Coaster made me feel like I was…Supermannnn (or Wonder Woman)! I couldn’t think of a better way to articulate the feeling I got in this ride.

Despite its being ~slightly~ overpriced, taking a cab to Genting is the better option than taking a bus. Aside from the flexibility, we made a stopover at The Chocolate Gallery, an artisan chocolate factory similar to the likings of a Chocolate Nirvana. Their Truffle Selection and Dark Chocolate Tiramisu Almonds are TO-DIE-FOR!!! They also sell Curry Chocolate and Chili Chocolate, both of which were rather interesting.

Oh, and when you’re there, don’t forget to say Hi to Janet. She’ll help you search for the yummiest chocolates in the store. And just like the confectionary she sells, Janet is quite sweet and delightful to be around with.

Our way back to the city proper took forever because of the influx of Malaysians from the province (I’ll tell you why later). Once we got back to our hotel pretty late, and we all had one thing on our minds: FOOD.

Kuala Lumpur has a very exciting night life. Leave your hotel and get to Jalan Alor where you will be greeted by a melange of gastronomic delights. Despite the late hours (we got there at around 11 p.m.), a vast selection of restaurants will welcome you and give you a feast fit for a king.

Best satay ever 

The Chicken Fish

We capped off the night at an Irish Pub, thinking about what to do the next day because apparently, there was a protest brewing (therefore, the traffic earlier). This meant a number of things such as:

  1. The whole of Kuala Lumpur would be closed including establishments and whatnot.
  2. No transportation (except the train).
  3. Riot in the streets.
  4. Wasted day.
  5. No wearing of red or yellow, therefore outfit plans are ruined (though I acknowledge the shallowness of this…).
BUT there is a reason why I included a “Part 1” in this post’s title.
I will leave it hanging (for now) because it’s pretty late and I’m on the verge of forgetting that I have work tomorrow. My mind is drifting off to Sleepyland and my energy level is crashing down. But in any case, I did intend of creating a Part 2 for this post (just saying). For now, I sneakily managed take a photo of two policemen patrolling the streets of KL and here it is.
Cue suspense music: Dun Dun Dunnnnn…
And also, a glimpse of the Petronas Towers which are actually extremely beautiful in real life. Photos do not do justice. You have to see them for yourself!

6 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur: I Miss You, Malaysia!

  1. I regret that we dint have a decent pic with the Petronas! :)) andddd…Day 2 was not a waste at all! 😀 can’t wait for Part 2!

    1. So what’s new? You’re always hungry anyway. Ehe ehe ehe. And this is exactly why you’re my best friend HAHAHAHA.

      PS: Because of this, you remind me of the Dave Eggers book I almost bought because the cover was too pretty: How We Are Hungry. But the price gave me a heart attack hehehe.

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