Singapore: Mochi Croissants and Sticky Buns at Brotherbird Milk & Croissants

My first encounter with Brotherbird was during my first few weeks upon moving to Singapore last 2016. I stepped inside their shop in Bali Lane where I had their salted egg yolk-filled mochi doughnuts with soft-serve ice cream. And just this February, they opened a new concept at CT Hub in Lavender that focuses on mainly soft-serve and mochi croissants (!).

To tell you the truth, I’m not much of a fan of croissants. I enjoyed Lune, which was suuuuper buttery, but the thought of having the consistency of sticky, soft mochi incorporated into flaky, buttery croissants was just too tempting to miss out on. So thank you, Andre, for taking me here on a lazy Sunday afternoon—and we caught them just before they were about to close.

And true to the expectations brought by the idea of a Mochi Croissant ($4), Brotherbird nailed it. The first bite was inviting with the buttery, light, and flaky exterior that paved the way to a dense, chewy, and slightly sticky bite. I thoroughly enjoyed the varying textures—especially since I am a huge mochi fan! It was a pleasant twist to the classic French viennoiserie.

The other item we tried was the Sticky Bun ($4), which ticked all the boxes. It was sugary, sticky, and bready—just as it should be.

Andre and I got there 10 minutes before closing, so we were only able to catch the Mochi Croissants and the Sticky Buns. They were also selling Cookie Butter soft serve, but I wasn’t in the mood for ice cream. However, I stalked their Instagram, and I drooled when I saw that they also bake Pineapple Tart Mochi Croissants (!) for the Lunar New Year, which I hope to try soon. I very much enjoyed the Mochi Croissants, and I look forward to trying more of their baked goods—especially the mochi-based ones. And of course, the soft serve. Yummm.

#01-05 CT Hub
114 Lavender Street, Singapore 338729
P: +65 9296-4997

(All meals are paid for myself unless stated otherwise.)

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