Of Bright, Brand New Beginnings

WRITING HERE AGAIN AFTER MORE THAN A YEAR feels like coming back to an old lover. It feels familiar and soothing — with just the right amount of uncertainty and awkwardness to keep it intriguing. A homecoming of sorts.

I took a personal hiatus because I shifted career paths, and as life eased back to normal, little did I know that 2022 was going to be a year to remember, filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Now that it is December, I take a look back at the year that was straight in the eye… and thank it. Despite the urge to curse it with all my might, I am on a journey where I want to prioritize my peace, and part of that is choosing to be kind to myself and doing the right thing at any given moment. I want to end the year with a light and grateful heart. I have changed and grown so much; this I know to be absolutely true.

I started this blog 12 years ago. Over the past few months, I indulged myself with some mindful, thoughtful, and playful contemplation about why I want to revive my platform now. This space has grown with me and has seen my many evolutions as a human being. Blogging has been a form of my creative expression since 2010, and me forcing this space to serve as something beyond its purpose removed the joy and fun out of it. As media continues to morph into various platforms that cater to our shortening attention spans, all the more I want to keep this space as an outlet for my curious musings.

I am excited and looking forward to sharing more of my world with you in this season of my life. Despite everything, life has been ridiculously and deliciously good. Let’s savor the best moments together. x

Shangri-La Boracay, Aklan, Philippines, Photos by Mikka Wee

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