Bangkok: Tourist Mode

IT IS DIFFICULT TO LEAVE A BUSTLING CITY SUCH AS BANGKOK and not feel a certain degree of inspiration. My first trip outside of my home countries, Singapore and the Philippines, I flew to Bangkok for a work trip. And while it has been a good three years since I last stepped into the Land of Smiles, the city of Bangkok has still managed to enchant me with its chaotic charm and delicious delights — both of which have left me itching to come back again soon.

While my schedule was packed with back-to-back engagements, squeezing in a quick coffee run or a nail appointment during breathers was a welcomed treat. I knocked on the doors of old favorites, but I mostly uncovered new treasures. Great eateries were within proximity of our venue, and I also managed to sneak in a dinner tasting, despite completely forgetting how crazy the rush hour can get — especially with torrents of rain come hammering down.

The famed saying “live like a local” has always been something that has fascinated me as an avid traveler, but I was charmed to be a tourist again in the duration of this trip. Pointing to photos on a menu and coming to an agreement by way of a smile or a nod has given me the privilege of remembering how amazing the human connection could be. Despite the challenges posed by the last couple of years, our yearning to connect has grown even stronger — with each other and with ourselves. However, during this trip, it was refreshing to disconnect from the familiar and learn about myself a little bit better. Before my flight back to Singapore, I dropped by a quaint café recommend by my friend where I spent a couple of hours writing in my journal about this familiar feeling of being in a foreign country… and how much I’ve genuinely missed it.

Wireless Road, Canvas, Thai Niyom, “Good Luck, I Guess” Café, Photos by Mikka Wee

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